CBDfx Small Breed Pet CBD Oil - 150mg - Chilliwack CBD Canada
CBDfx Small Breed Pet CBD Oil - 150mg - Chilliwack CBD Canada

CBDfx Small Breed Pet CBD Oil - 150mg

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CBD Pets CBD Hemp Oil 150mg (Small Breed) Lab Report

150mg Pet CBD Oil for Dogs, Cats and All Pets (Small Breed) Under 20 lbs

Humans aren’t the only mammals with an endocannabinoid system that’s capable of being affected by CBD Your beloved furry companion has the same biological pathways, and can experience the same potential benefits from CBD as you! Across the world, owners who love their pets are exploring ways to keep their animal sidekicks as happy and healthy as possible — and that includes cutting-edge treatments like CBD.

What Are The Benefits Of Using CBD Oil For Pets?

For humans and animals alike, more research needs to be done before we can definitively say that CBD "causes" positive health benefits However, the results of initial trials, as well as the glowing anecdotal reports from real-life people worldwide give us a glimpse of what’s possible.

So far, CBD is being used in pets primarily to ease pain, reduce anxiety, and alleviate nausea. For older pets who are starting to experience joint pain or hip problems, CBD can be a huge relief. For nervous or anxious dogs who bark too much, or are too afraid of the world around them, CBD may provide a much-needed break from their own neuroses. Many owners have also found that CBD oil for dogs or cats helps to quell an upset or nauseous stomach in pets who suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort.

Plus, there’s no shortage of people dosing themselves and their pets with CBD primarily for the possible preventative and holistic health effects it may offer.

How Much CBD Pet Tincture Should I Use?

Our 150mg small breed CBD oil has been specially formulated for the smallest pets (under 20 pounds). That means that the potency has been dialed back to allow for the ideal dose to be achieved without side effects.

Each drop of our small breed CBD oil should work out to about 0.5mg of active CBD. The general guideline is to use 1 drop for every 2 lbs of the animal’s body weight. For example, your 14 pound poodle will find their ideal dose to be somewhere around 7 drops per day.

Of course, you can also start smaller than that, see how the animal reacts, and slowly increase the daily dosage based on how you see your pet improving or responding to the CBD. Lastly, don’t forget to let us know if you have a story about how your beloved fur-ball benefited from their CBD treatment!


  • 100% natural and easy-to-use formula for your furry companions.
  • Made with high quality and organically grown hemp.
  • The Pet Oil contains CO2 extracted CBD and is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids and fatty acids.

 small breed cbd canada lab report

Customer Reviews

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Very happy with purchase

Excellent service & fast delivery of item. This CBD oil appears to be helping my 13 yr old cat suffering with pancreatitis. It is early days but she has regained her appetite and is vomiting less.


Excellent customer service and fast shipping.

senior Cats

I purchased this for my two 11yr old cats. They have both leaned out a little too much these days. They have been on it for a month now and have gained back some weight and also aren't as anxious around our dog!
I highly recommend this product and company