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About Us

Chilliwack CBD is located in Chilliwack, British Columbia. We are about 1 hour outside of Vancouver, British Columbia in a mainly farming community with a population of 80,000 people. We primarily focus on online sales but will cater to local pickups. This business was created out of the benefits we received ourself from CBD products. With our connections to some of the top producers of CBD products in North America we have brought product availiability to Canada. Our pricing maybe higher if you compare to other brands but the quality of what you get is also higher. We would rather pay a higher cost to ensure we bring in top quality products that have been lab tested to ensure our customers are getting exactly what they pay for.


This lotion works great on all of my aches, joints or muscles. A much more soothing and lasting product than icy hot. So much gratitude to yall for creating it

Jonathan G

With fibro and chronic lyme, I walk around most of the time feeling like someone ran me over. The neuropathy from the lyme disease is terrible. This CBD oil helps me so much! I take it twice a day to keep my symptoms at bay.

Ginger G

After a little over a month of consistently taking these gummies, my anxiety has been almost completely resolved. 1 in the morning and 1 at night did the trick. Ordering more.

Sarah S

Our dog Heidi does struggle with separation anxiety and she’s reactive to certain dogs. We tried training, calming treats etc but the only truly successful thing what helps her is CBDFx’ s CBD oil for pets. It’s so great seeing her no longer stressed out. Thank you!

Andrea E

These capsules have worked wonders for my back pain! My Dr is cutting my current pain medications and I highly recommend them for helping to ease back pain associated with spinal stenosis and damaged discs. What a godsend finding this product!

Catherine B

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