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  • Where can I buy CBD?

    In this article we talk about the various ways you can obtain and buy CBD. Where can I get CBD is a common search result I see coming up so I wanted to give some tips on where you can buy some CBD and have to keep safe when buying online.
  • CBD myth and facts explored!

    We have heard many things either from direct consumers we have dealt with or what we have read online and we wanted to create a article around some of the common myths and how they might not be so correct.
  • New Arrival! CBD Bath Bombs !

    We have a new arrival! Our CBD bath bombs will put you at ease and make you feel really relaxed. Read a little more about these CBD bath bombs we brought in available in Canada
  • Does CBD Make you High?

    Have you heard about CBD and want to know if CBD can make you high? This blog article will go in depth a little more on this subject and help educate you.

    There is a long list of potential CBD BENEFITS and in this article we go over what cbd is, how it interacts with the body, what the endocannabinoid system is, what the CB1 and CB2 receptors are and of course some potential CBD benefits and links to studies that talk more in depth about it.
  • How do we ship CBD to customers Canada wide

    Interested to know a little more about how we ship our products Canada wide? We go a bit in depth on how we keep your parcels safe and our systems in order to get your CBD products out to you as quick as possible.
  • CBD Oil Vancouver and other locations

    Looking for CBD oil Vancouver?

    We got you covered. We maybe a short drive outside of Vancouver but mainly do e-commerce sales meaning we can ship it to you, no problem! If you cannot find good quality CBD in Vancouver we can surely help you out!

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil Canada

    Are you looking for Full spectrum CBD oil in Canada vs CBD Isolate?


    Are you curious what the difference is? We will dive in deeper on that subject!

  • CBD Juul Pods & Vape Device

    Are you looking for CBD Juul pods in Canada?


    The wait is over, we have them in stock and we talk about them in more detail in this blog post. Inhalation is just one of the methods of taking your CBD and if you already use a vaping device this might be super easy for you.

  • Best CBD Oil For Anxiety

    Best CBD Oil For Anxiety In a 2014 survey on living with chronic diseases in Canada there was a estimated 3 million Canadians (11.6%) aged 18 years...
  • CBD Lotions Canada, quality starts here!

    Are you looking for a CBD lotion that works. CBD lotion Canada? We can help you with that, just read this article to learn more about our CBD lotion Canada.
  • New Disposable CBD Vape Pens

    Checkout our new Disposable CBD Vape pens which come in 3 new flavors and now also come in 50MG + Terpenes