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    Can You Beat Your Anxiety With CBD? Anxiety and mood disorders are the most common mental health ailments not only in Canada but worldwide. It's e...
  • CBD Vape Oil Pen Questions and Answers!

    If you are looking for some frequently asked questions and answers regarding vaping CBD in Canada then this blog is for you. We try to answer some of the top questions we get asked or have seen on other sites and answer them for you here.
  • The Best CBD For Sleep, Gummies or Tinctures or Vape?

    Having issues sleeping and looking to try CBD as a sleep aid? We go over the various methods of taking your CBD and sorting through the various methods of taking your CBD specifically focusing on sleeping.
  • Canada Post Continued Delays

    If you are curious about CanadaPost delays or potential delays we have written a updated blog entry about the CanadaPost shipping times.
  • CBD Books you need to read!

    If you are looking to build your knowledge in regards to CBD then here are a few great book recommendations I have for you. I have read a ton of documentation in regards to CBD over the years and believe knowledge is power and I'd love to share a few great books which may help you on your own journey.
  • How long does it take for cbd oil to work?

    How long does it take for CBD oil to start working is a somewhat common question we get asked. I thought an article on this specific question would give a little more insight into why it takes some people longer than others to see results.
  • Hemp Oil For Dogs!

    We talk about hemp oil for dogs in this article and how consumers confuse this with CBD oil for dogs. We talk more in depth on this subject.
  • Covid-19 Update on Shipping / Product Availability

    Recent updates on our business in the Covid-19 pandemic and how it may affect you
  • CBD oil for arthritis Pain Canada

    Can CBD products help with pain?

    Unfortunately, there is simply no cure for arthritis and treating the symptoms is really your best measure of giving you a good quality of life when battling this ailment. We talk about what arthritis is and how CBD could potentially help you live a life without prescription drugs.

  • CBD Oil For Sleeping/Insomnia

    We dive into CBD and Sleeping and does it help? CBD oil for sleeping might be your new best friend.
  • CBD Oil Without THC

    Many customers come to this site looking for a pure CBD isolate product without understanding the difference between CBD and THC. We dive into the topic of CBD oil without THC a little deeper and see if that's always the right choice.
  • Does CBD oil expire at all? Lets explore that.

    Does CBD Oil pire at all?   Here is your situation. You find a random bottle of CBD Oil that you purchased somewhere maybe weeks ago, months ago, o...