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CBD For Beginners

(this section is a work in progress but I wanted to make it live to give info Friday as we continue to update the content)

If this is your first time to our online store I will start first off by welcoming you. If you are on this page and reading this section of our website I am going to assume you are brand new to CBD and researching it. I greatly encourage any and all amount of research you can do on this subject because I realize how new this is for you.

We have designed Chilliwack CBD to as forward friendly to new CBD users as possible and I hope this page will give you all the resources you need to either make a purchase with us or elsewhere if that's where your journey takes you.



Let's start with a few answers that I wish someone would have told me right at the start when I started my own journey.


Chilliwack CBD Related Questions

Where are you located?
Funny enough we get asked this pretty often. We are based in Chilliwack, British Columbia. It's a town with a population of about 85,000 people and we are about 1 hour east of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Where do you ship from and to?
We ship all our products the same day you order them (cutoff is about 1 pm-3 pm). We ship only within Canada from Canada. We are not a drop shipping company, we stock the products. If you see that the product is in stock then we will be shipping it once you finalize your order.

What payment methods do you take?
We accept Credit Cards (Visa/Mastercard) and then we also accept Email Money Transfer.

Do you verify age?
Yes, we use Canada's Posts age verification system. This means when they deliver your parcel to you they will ask you for identification if you do not appear over the age of majority in your province.

What is the cost of shipping?
Each province has different shipping rates. Our website takes rates from Canada Post directly. You will have the option of expedited or express post. Both of these options do include a tracking number. Because we are located in BC and if you are ordering on the east coast take into the consideration of distance and time. express post is the fastest option we offer and gets Canada wide pretty quickly. When you check out your order the system will calculate your shipping rate before you pay for it, feel free to looking your shipping rate that way.


CBD Related Questions:

Does CBD actually work?
Figure I would start with this question, right? CBD does and can work for MANY people for a wide range of ailments ranging from anxiety all the way to some of our customers using it for cancer treatment (post and pre). Once you do your research you will quickly understand how it goes that. Full disclosure: just because CBD worked for someone you know with the same ailment does not always mean it will work for your thought. There are many people that just do not get the relief that others do but in our experience, if you dose properly and get the correct product to begin then you have a significantly higher chance of success.

CBD interacts with a biological system in your body called the (ECS) endocannabinoid system. The ECS is actually a recently discovered biological system scientists discovered back in the early '90s. The system is composed of endocannabinoids which are essentially transmitters that bind to receptors all over your body (CB1 and CB2 receptors). The ECS is in charge of regulating the body's symptoms such as blood sugar levels, temperature, PH, nutrient transport, nutrient transport and other things. Essentially it's in charge of keeping our body in homeostasis.

What is CBD made from?
CBD is a Phytocannabinoid derived from Cannabis. Keep in mind Cannabis can be either marijuana or hemp. On Chilliwack CBD all our products are derived from hemp and you will never find any of our products over  .03% THC which means there is absolutely no chance of intoxication (high).
CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It's one of over 130 Phytocannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBD and THC are two of the most known and researched Phytocannabinoids which is why you hear about them the most. Other Phytocannabinoids include such as CBG, CBN and CBC just to name a few.

Does CBD get you high?
CBD on its own will not get you any intoxicating effects. People simply think because it comes from the cannabis plant (remember hemp or marijuana) then it must cause intoxicating effects. This is not true because CBD does not have the same mind-altering effects like it's cousin, MR THC.  CBD has actually shown to reduce the "high" effects of someone who has THC in their body already.

How much CBD should I take?
It really depends on a few factors such as weight, ailment, your own biological tolerance to CBD, etc. We recommend when starting to use CBD use very little, to begin with to test sensitivity to ensure no adverse reactions (very rarely the case). Once you test sensitivity you can move forward increasing your dosage over time (days/weeks). The goal is to find your happy dosage, the dosage that gives you relief without wasting product. More is not better in the case of CBD. This answer deserves a more in-depth answer which you can find on a blog article we wrote.
Blog Article: How Much CBD Should I Take?

How to use CBD oil for pain?
If you are experiencing pain and using CBD for this then use the method I described above. It really depends on a few factors such as weight, ailment, your own biological tolerance to CBD, etc. We recommend when starting to use CBD use very little, to begin with to test sensitivity to ensure no adverse reactions (very rarely the case). Once you test sensitivity you can move forward increasing your dosage over time (days/weeks). The goal is to find your happy dosage, the dosage that gives you relief without wasting product. More is not better in the case of CBD. Pain can be different for many people (systemically or topically etc.) This answer deserves a more in-depth answer which you can find on a blog article we wrote.
Blog Article: How Much CBD Should I Take?

Does CBD oil Expire?
We have another great blog article going into detail on that.
Blog Article: Does CBD Oil Expire.

What is CBD Isolate?
While you navigate the website you might see us mention that a product only contains CBD isolate. This simply means that the product ONLY contains CBD and no other Phytocannabinoids such as (thc, CBC, cbg) which are also very beneficial when used all together. This is called the entourage effect. So rest assured if you ONLY want CBD in your product and nothing else, this ideally wants you to want. We have a blog which you can read which goes into detail about the difference and benefits of CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD here:

What Is Full-Spectrum CBD?
A full spectrum option is that which contains not only CBD but ALL the other benefits of using full-plant matter. Cannabinoids ( CBD, CBD, CBN, THC) are only just a few of the cannabinoids that we can benefit from. Not only cannabinoids but plants have something called terpenes (it's the scent that all plants have) also have benefits (think about lavender, ginger, etc.). When all these cannabinoids and terpenes work together in our body this is called the entourage effect. It's believed that this is the best option for a CBD product. Because all of our products are derived from hemp which naturally is very low in THC this works great because all our products are non-intoxicating and no products contain more(or even close) to .03% THC.

full spectrum wheel

Does CBD oil have any side effects?
Overall from all the customers that have purchased from us, I have very rarely heard of side effects. That being said there are certain people that CBD does give some side effects to. This would be things such as dizziness, hallucinations, low blood pressure, nausea, sleepiness. Again it's very rare that I experience it but there have been a few people that have mentioned it over time and research does show there can be some for certain people

Does CBD work for everyone?
The answer is a flat out no. This question in itself deserves me to ask a lot more questions to someone where CBD has not been a benefit. The questions I would ask would be dosing (did they dose properly), did they give it enough time, was the product they were using really CBD, etc. There are people over the years who thought I did meet and talk to where they did everything right and it just simply did not work. Maybe they have a very high tolerance to CBD, I am unsure.

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?
Both hemp and marihuana are considered Cannabis. Marijuana is a cannabis plant which "usually" has high THC content and low CBD content. Hemp, on the other hand, has "high" CBD content and low to trace amounts of THC. Hemp is not typically the plant that you associate with getting a high because of its very low THC content. This is the reason all of our products are made from hemp. At Chilliwack CBD we specialize in CBD and not THC. All of our products will contain between 0% and .03% THC. This amount of THC is far below the value you would need to get an intoxicated feeling. The presence of THC and other phytocannabinoids are important thoughts for the entourage effect.

When you use CBD what does it feel like?
If you think you are going to get a mild "high" feeling or any intoxication feeling you would be wrong. If anything it feels like a relaxation feeling.. calming.

What types of CBD products are there?
If you have looked around our site or any other site you will probably see multiple ways to use CBD. Let's talk about that a little bit to get you familiar.


A tincture is a definition of how you take your CBD sublingually. When you buy a tincture it will be a liquid solution in a bottle (usually about 30ml) which also has a dropper. You would take the solution and put it under your tongue and hold it there for about 30-60 seconds so the liquid can pass into your bloodstream quickly (under your tongue you have direct access to blood vessels instead of swallowing it right away and it absorbs into your digestive tract. This is probably the most popular method and allows you to vary your dosage very easily. Tinctures usually have not only CBD but also a carrier oil such as MCT oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil. This carrier liquid is usually fatty which helps the CBD absorb into your body quicker and more effectively. This is usually best for beginners because when you first start using CBD you want to go low and slow and slowly work up in dosage to find the "Sweet Spot" that you get the most benefit from without wasting any product.

cbd tinctures



Gummies and Edibles
Gummies and edibles are other popular choices especially for seniors and children that use CBD. They typically come in 5mg/10mg per piece (which you can cut in half if needed). Because they taste good and resemble and gummy bear or wine gummy or any other gummy they are convenient and easy to dose pretty much anywhere. We have noticed that for seniors or someone who's experimenting with CBD they likely choose this to begin. The only downside of using any CBD products by digesting them is that the bioavailability of the product is much lower than other methods (sublingually or vaping). This is because when you ingest CBD products the CBD does not have direct access to your bloodstream and as your body digests it breaks down more of it as time goes on and on and a certain amount passes right through. You typically have to have higher dosages of gummies then you would the same MG when using a tincture or vaping.

CBD Gummies
Inhalation/Vaping CBD
Vaping CBD is another popular method of taking your CBD products. When you vape your CBD it goes directly into your lungs and is one of the quickest absorption rates available. This is good for someone who has anxiety or panic attacks and needs relief the quickest (you feel the effects within a few minutes vs a tincture which maybe 20 minutes). There is of course always more risk when putting anything into your lungs. This would be ideal for someone who already vapes or smokes currently. I would never suggest a vaping product to someone who does not already vape/smoke. Vaping products come in a variety of MG options such as 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg per bottle (for refillable). We do offer disposable vape pens for someone who wants either a higher strength or they simply want the convenience. When choosing a vaping product please be aware the lower MG option you choose the more you will have to vape vs a higher mg option you choose you would just simply have to vape less. Because of this I always recommend buying the highest MG option you can afford. It's typically much cheaper and works better in my opinion in the long run.

Disposable Vape Pen

Vape Liquid you put in a Vape Device

 Topical CBD Products (Balms/Salves/Lotion/Bath Bombs/Bath Salts/Roll-On)
CBD has been widely documented through trials and research for its anti-inflammatory ability. We have many customers who have sore muscles, joints, arthritis, inflammation, other skin issues. For these people who have topical needs, we have products that are infused with CBD. Because CBD/THC cannot pass all the layers and skin and make it into your bloodstream there is zero chance it could give an intoxicating effect (simply because it cannot pass the brain-blood barrier). So even if you had a very high THC balm or salve it would give no intoxicating effects. Many topical products are created with varying recipes which also include essential oils that give other natural remedies as a normal lotion/balm would as well. For someone with arthritis in knees, hands, elbows, feet and etc this would be an excellent product to try. You can apply this product generously if need be.

cbd lotion and balm


What Ailments is CBD used for?
The section below will eventually be used to directly link to every ailment and talk more in-depth about that particular ailment. We make no medical claims but simply talk about what people are using CBD for on that specific ailment. We will also link to studies/research on that specific ailment.

Smoking Cessation
PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
Crohn's Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Ulcerative Colitis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Premenstrual Syndrome
Neuropathic Pain
Lyme Disease
High Blood Pressure
General Health (prophylactics
Bi-Polar Disorder

Where can I find more information like this?
I'm glad you asked :)  I have spent countless hours writing dozens of articles targeted toward someone trying to learn more information about CBD and CBD products. 
You can find our BLOG articles here (  highly encourage you to look over all the articles)