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Does CBD oil expire at all? Lets explore that.

Does CBD Oil pire at all?

 does cbd oil expire

Here is your situation. You find a random bottle of CBD Oil that you purchased somewhere maybe weeks ago, months ago, or maybe even years ago. You open the bottle up and before taking a dose you ask yourself "Does CBD oil expire at all"? That's a great question and unless you specifically asked the company you purchased it from at the time of sale, you probably have no idea if the CBD oil expires.

CBD Oil tinctures do not and should not often contain more than a few ingredients such as MCT oil (coconut derived), the CBD extract or isolate and flavouring. 

The main thing that will typically go bad in the tincture is the MCT oil itself as it makes up most of the contents of the bottle. Typically if you store it in a generally cool place (room temperate is fine) then you should not have too many issues. When you have it in a warm room or directly in the sun that can lead to more oxidation and will spoil it sooner. 

Let's say that you have stored your CBD oil in the fridge or in a dark spot somewhat cool and not overly warm and at a constant temperate. You should be able to get somewhere around 18-24 months out of the bottle without it spoiling. The typical suggested expiration would be between 12-24 months. 

If you are using your CBD oil on a regular basis there should not be any concern for it to expire. If for whatever reason you may be misplaced and find it at a later point and realize it's probably coming up to the 12-18 month point then it could be on the verge of expiration. 

Some good rules to follow when storing your CBD are as follows:

-Keep it in a dark, cool spot
-Always ensure the cap is put back onto the bottle (air is your enemy)

-Not every brand you buy will have a made on a date or expiration date, write on the bottle when you purchased it.


How do I tell if my CBD oil is expired?

Typically the ingredient that is going to go rancid is the MCT oil. MCT oil mostly likely is derived from coconuts but it could be derived from palm oil and palm kernel oils. These are all saturated fats which are a stable oil that lasts a long time. 

The first and easiest way to tell if your CBD oil is expired is to look for a MOD (made on date) or expiry date. This will give you a clear indication of the age of the product.

If all else fails you can first smell the CBD liquid. If it smells fine then go onto trying to taste it. If it smells bad or rancid then simply throw the bottle out and consider it expired. If it tastes fine and smells fine then you probably are fine to continue using the product. If it smells fine and tastes bad then it's probably on the brink of going bad and I would simply tell you to discard the bottle.

As explained in previous paragraphs, CBD oil can expire and slowly deteriorates in quality over time. The taste will change and the smell will also change from when you first purchased it. This is a normal process and as long as the changes are not significant then the oil is probably fine for consumption. If for any reason you do not feel the CBD oil is fine then simply discard it.

The other thing to mention is the colour. If your CBD oil came in a clear bottle the colour of the liquid should be almost a golden clear colour, if it's dark then this again is a good indication that the liquids are gone bad. 

These are all simple suggestions and guidelines to go on. If you do not feel confident regardless of the information I gave you just err on the side of caution and throw the bottle out. 

I hope this has helped you identify if your CBD oil has expired or not. 




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