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CBD Oil Vancouver

If you are trying to find CBD oil in Vancouver, British Columbia than you have come to the right place!

Chilliwack CBD is located about 45 minutes out side of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. We are practically in Vancouver so our shipping times to Vancouver are pretty quick.

I will admit we live in the most beautiful province in all of Canada! British Columbia is well known in Canada as being a hub of Cannabis companies or many decades and we are happy to be located in this great province. I believe here in British Columbia we have had a more liberal stance on cannabis compared to the rest of the country going back to the early 60's. 

Between that and the Vancouver Canucks, Vancouver seawall, Vancouver Island, Okanagan wineries, oceans, beaches, mountains there is so much to do here!

We take great pride here at ChilliwackCBD for calling this beautiful area of the Fraser Valley home and could look no where else to live or operate our business.

Shipping Times?
Because of the fact that we are so close to Vancouver our shipping times for our CBD products to Vancouver area the quickest to any major urban area. We use Canada Post to ship our parcels and the typical shipping times are about 2 days (if not sooner) and as long there are no significant delays. We ship all items out expedited and you have the option of upgrading to express if you need the products sooner.

vancouver cbd shipping time

Canadian Products First

Being local gives us the opportunity of partnering with other great local companies. More then half of the companies we have partnered with are actually located in Vancouver, British Columbia which gives a greater advantage of keeping the CBD products you want in stock.

Some of the local companies we work with are as follows:

Coast Botanik - we have been working with Coast a few years now, they have a great selection of CBD oil Tinctures for humans and also pets. They also have a great CBD Cool Stick which we sell tons of. 

Creating Brighter Days - This is a local Vancouver brand we sell which is dedicated to pets! They have a great lineup of CBD isolate and CBD full spectrum tinctures as well as a great lineup of pet cbd treats. The perfect CBD for pets product! 

CBD Move - We have worked with CBD move for the past year and they have become a top selling gummy product for us. The CBD gummies are made in Vancouver and made with CBD isolate. Great options for the sweet CBD treat. 

Read our reviews and testimonials!

At the time of writing this page we have had over 750 reviews left for our products and our store from verified customers. Feel free to read our CBD reviews. 


As you can tell we are proud of being Canadian and proud to be able to serve CBD products to vancouver specifically. We will ensure you get your parcel in a quick timely manner and that our products are always to the highest quality. This is our assurance to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions for CBD Oil Vancouver customers! 

Do you offer pickups?
-We do not offer pickups at all we are purely online ecommerce. If you are from Vancouver though rest assured your parcel should be delivered quickly. We ensure all parcels are with CanadaPost within 24 hours.

Do you have a retail store?
-We do not have a retail store.

How much is shipping?
-Our system will automatically determine pricing to you if you live in Vancouver or anywhere else in Canada. Usually something shipped to Vancouver would be around 10$, if not less. 

Do you stock all the products?
-Yes, if our website shows it's in stock then we physically have the product. The benefit of having so many suppliers locally to us is that we can replenish our products quickly leading to less of inventory related issues.