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CBDYOU Original Tincture CBD Isolate 2000mg - CBD Canada

CBDYOU Original Tincture CBD Isolate 2000mg

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CBDYOU 2000MG CBD Isolate Tincture Original (Unflavored)

We introduce to you the 'Original' CBD Isolate tincture from CBDYOU. CBDYOU is a Vancouver BC based company that has a sister company called CBDMOVE. The CBDYOU is geared towards athletes specifically looking for a potent CBD Isolate tincture. CBD has been known to provide pain relief, muscle healing, act as an anti-inflammatory, and used for anxiety.

The 2000mg simply means there is 2000mg of Isolate CBD in the whole bottle. If you are an experienced user or are needing an extra strength dosage, then the 2000mg would benefit you best! You can dose this directly in your mouth or add it to your favorite food and beverages.

This CBD oil tincture is unflavored and has a natural earthy taste.

This 'Original' CBD Isolate Tincture contains 2000mg in a single bottle. There is NO THC in this bottle so this would be perfect for anyone who has drug tests at their place of employment. 

This is a CBD Isolate product. If you are unfamiliar with the difference between an Isolated and full-spectrum you are free to read our article explaining the difference.


Directions: If you are starting to use CBD for the first time it's always advisable to start micro-dosing (a few drops) to begin and test sensitivity. After that point, you can start low and slowly work up in dosage over days/weeks until you find relief from whatever ailment you are trying to get relief from.


Ingredients: CBD isolate, Coconut Oil


LAB RESULTS: Coming Soon!

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Not very effective for me
Hey Tay! The only thing i can think regarding your comments is that what you were getting from the NSLC was possibly a full spectrum oil while what you purchased was a CBD Isolate product. The full spectrum oils contain more full plant matter, other cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. This might be the difference in products, maybe check that out and if you need additional help from us be sure to email us!