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Vaping CBD FAQ!

Vaping CBD in Canada FAQ

cbd vaping canada


Vaping CBD Is just one of the various options of how someone can dose CBD. The other options include topicals, tinctures (oral drops), and edibles which include gummies or capsules.

The reason why there are various methods of using CBD is because of bioavailability. Bioavailability basically refers to the rate and how much something gets absorbed by your bloodstream. The higher the percentage of bioavailability the better and more efficient it assimilates into your body. 

Vaping offers the highest bioavailability which means you feel the effects of vaping CBD quicker than any other method. When CBD is inhaled the alveoli in your lungs take in that CBD compound very quickly. This is because of the big surface area of the lungs and because as you breathe continuously it enters your bloodstream quickly. From that point, it travels quickly through your body which is quicker compared to other dosing methods such as tincture oils or capsules.

cbd vaping alveoli


 I do not vape or smoke currently, should I try vaping CBD?

We always begin by asking our customers if they currently smoke or vape. If you do already, then vaping may be a good option for you. If you do not smoke or vape, we do not suggest starting as there are other options for dosing CBD. 

Which MG option should I choose?

Our CBD vape e-liquid comes in a variety of options including 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg so I can understand it becomes a little confusing to someone who has never used CBD Vape e-liquid. 

It's a hard question for me to answer based on the lack of knowledge I have about why you are using CBD vape e-liquid. From my experience, I find that when you start at the highest MG option then you are at less risk of ordering the wrong MG strength. If you order higher then what you need that simply means that you will not have to use it as often or go through as much liquid. In the long term, this would be more cost-effective and limits the risk of ordering a lower MG and not getting the full benefits.

Saying all that there is one other thing that comes into play here as well, that is the type of vape device you are using. If you are using a powerful vape system then you probably need less MG as you are heating up liquid quicker and getting more CBD in a single pull. If you are using an open pod system (which I recommend) at a lower wattage then you are probably fine with a higher MG option to start such as 500mg or 1000mg. 


I have recently been hearing about people getting sick or dying because they are vaping, is this true and should I be worried?

In 2019 there was an epidemic in the USA and people were indeed getting sick and some of them dying. The media was claiming that all of these people were vaping. One thing the media did not fully understand at the beginning is that all those people that were getting sick were "vaping" a THC oil carto from the black market (figure 1). The THC oil that these people were buying unknowingly had a cutting agent which had Vitamin E acetate. Vitamin E Acetate is a common ingredient in healthcare products but it's not safe to inhale as it's an oil. This ingredient was only being used in the black market THC industry in the USA.

Figure 1
black market thc carto vitamin e acetate

Because the media was not educated about vaping they grouped THC vaping and CBD/Nicotine vaping together and consumers believed that any vaping was a danger to their health. Two months after the initial reports came out about vaping and the health impact it was having on people, the TRUTH finally came out from the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) that Vitamin E acetate was the main contributing factor in the lung issues people were experiencing. 

You can read this information more directly from the CDC.


Is the CBD Vape e-liquid the same as regular electronic cigarette e-liquid?

The simple answer to this would be yes and no. The main ingredients used in both CBD vape e-liquid and electronic cigarette e-liquid is PG(propylene glycol) and VG(vegetable glycerin) and food-safe flavouring. In CBD vape e-liquid they would then add the CBD and in electronic cigarette e-liquid, they would add nicotine. Those are the only differences between the two types of e-liquids. The Vape E-liquid we carry does not contain nicotine.

Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin are typically considered safe. The long term side effects have not been assessed, but we do have data up to 10 years telling us there are no immediate concerns.

Health Canada has gone over any potential risks of vaping on their website as well


Does vaping CBD get you high?

In the previous paragraphs, we talked about the THC oils which can be purchased (not from our site) which obviously can give you high. The E-liquids we have from manufacturers such as CBDfx and Savage do NOT contain THC. Our Vapable CBD e-liquids here in Canada only contain CBD so the answer to your question is no, they will not give an intoxicating effect at all. If you are buying from any other source then do your research what is going into the liquids to ensure they do not contain THC if that is not what you want.


I am interested in vaping CBD so where do I start?

If you have come to the conclusion you want to vape your CBD then you have a couple of options that have their own pros/cons. 

Disposable CBD Vape Pens

-Less cost upfront
-Great on the go / Social vaper
-A great introduction to vaping CBD
-All in One System

-more expensive over buying e-liquid in a bottle and using your own vape device
-Cannot switch flavours

We have many choices when it comes to disposable CBD Vape pens here in Canada. These are great for someone who maybe does not vape full time but wants the benefits of vaping CBD. This is also great for someone who wants something small enough to take with them during the day. They are also great because they are discreet and look just like an electronic cigarette. 


Refillable CBD Vape Juice E-liquid (hardware setup)



-More cost-effective in the long run
-Choose between many MG strengths
-More flavour options
-Feels stronger

-Need Separate Vape Hardware
-You are stuck to a single flavour unless you buy different flavours

If you are someone who smokes or vapes currently then this is probably the best method of dosing your CBD. Aside from the CBD Vape E-Liquid, you will need to invest in vape hardware (if you do not already have a vape system that can take a 50/50 blended vape liquid). Nowadays there are many Open pod systems that are pretty inexpensive (under $50) so there are many great options out there. 

 The big benefit of having a vape system is that depending on the coil (burner) that you are using you can get a decent hit off it. The more the liquid heats up and vaporizes the more CBD you get in a single puff. 

CBD Vape e-liquids you can find in pretty much all options such as 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. I usually suggest to people to start with  500mg or 1000mg  because the more concentrated you get the less you actually have to use. 

A great vape device to use is the UWELL caliburn system (which you can purchase at any vape store). This includes the battery, the pod (where you put the e-liquid), and the coil (which is in the pod). It comes with a charger cable and we also offer replacement pods when your coils eventually burn out. 

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