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Covid-19 Update on Shipping / Product Availability

Recent Updates In Regards To Covid-19

Good Day,

I hope everyone is doing ok, keeping safe and heading the warning of our medical system. I know this has not been easy times for many people and it seems every business (large and small) as of late has been coming out with their own updates in regards to how Covid-19 is impacting them specifically. We are also starting to see the impacts of this and I wanted to give fair warning to our regular customers and anyone interested in reading how this may affect us more as time goes on.



Chilliwack CBD Product Availability

As of yesterday March 18th Canada and the USA will only allow essential travel and restrict none essential travel across the border. Because some of our suppliers come from the USA this may pose a problem for supply on certain brands. Additionally we do have other Canadian suppliers we purchase from having a hard time getting raw materials (bottles, etc.) which may eventually lead to somewhat of a shortage depending how this situation plays out.


Up to this point we have been able to navigate our stocking situation and over order depending where we see this going, but I believe it's only a matter of time another wrench is thrown in. Please understand that we are doing our best to ensure full product availability and to this point we have had limited stocking issues thus far. Going forward, i'm unsure about the reliability of our suppliers. If you depend on a certain product I only ask you do not overstock it so others may also be able to order it too.

As time goes on and more and more people are forced into or voluntarily self isolate, online ordering will increase. This will in itself lead to shortages as it's not typical growth we would be able to normally calculate.


Shipping Times:

As many of you are aware already if you have purchased with us in the past you will know that our sole courier of choice up to this point has been Canada Post. Canada Post sent a email out to all business clients letting them know of certain changes they are doing to keep YOU safer during these times but also things that may affect shipping times.



    • To help minimize points of close contact in our communities, we will no longer be requesting signatures for any deliveries to the door. This will eliminate the need for scanners and stylus pens to be passed back and forth during the delivery process of these items.

    • Instead, where possible, our delivery agents will apply our safe drop process. This means they will leave these items in your mailbox or outside your door if it’s safe to do so. Where it’s not possible to safe drop, our delivery agent will leave a notice card indicating the post office where you can pick up your items by showing proof of identity.

    • To receive the following items only: Registered, Xpresspost Certified, Proof of Identity, Proof of Age, COD (collect on delivery) and items where custom fees are due, please know that we cannot release these items unless a signature is provided. You will receive a notice card indicating the post office where you can pick up your items by showing proof of identity and signing. If you are sick or under self-isolation, please arrange for someone to pick up these items in your place.


2) Because of what I believe to be a significant increase in volume Canada Post and most other couriers are facing, Canada Post let us know they will no longer have a satisfaction guarantee for us. This means that parcels might  take a little longer to arrive in some cases. Please be aware of that and take that into consideration when placing your orders.


In Closing. We will continue to operate as we have been. We make our regular daily drops off during the week to Canada Post and the odd time on the weekend. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. 



ChilliwackCBD & Staff

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  • Will you ship to the US, I am looking for a friend of mine in Chicago!


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