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CBD myth and facts explored!

CBD Myths and Facts


I think we can all agree that the use of CBD(Cannabidiol)in the mainstream is very new right now and there are many questions floating around. We have taken some of the things we hear the most which are mostly incorrect and put it into writing!

1) CBD gives you a high.

This a pretty common misconception which I can understand why. CBD is derived from Cannabis, that's correct. Cannabis can be defined as Hemp OR marijuana but even if CBD comes from marijuana it does not give you a high (if that's the only thing your taking from the plant extract). Marijuana is high in THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol) and low in CBD but Hemp is high in CBD and very low in THC.

IF you were using a CBD ISOLATE product (the cbd isolated from anything else in the plant) it would not give you a high. If you combined let's say a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD then you may certainly get high. 

None of the products we sell on our site has nearly enough THC to give you a high. We specialize in CBD not THC. In order to know what you are getting make sure it's clearly marked on the bottle or at least you have access to the Lab Reports.


2) There are no scientific studies to back up CBD

Again this is simply not true. CBD is indeed a newer drug on the market and the only approved pharmaceutical drug currently that uses CBD is made for a specific type of epilepsy but it has gone through many smaller studies which shows great promise with a range of issues including anxiety, inflammation, inhibits the growth of cancerous cells in people with colon cancer, ulcerative colitis. If you do your research on your specific ailment you are bound to find a bunch of studies that include CBD. 


3) Hemp seed oil is CBD oil. 

Hemp seed oil is something you might find in your local nutritional store and on its own it does have lots of great nutrients including omega-3, fatty acids and so on but it does NOT contain CBD. Hemp seed oil is also derived from cannabis but they are not the same. Hemp seed oil is manufactured by pressing the hemp seeds which do not contain any CBD or THC for that matter and has no psychoactive properties. 


4) I took CBD for a few days to a week and did not notice any difference. 

This is probably the worst thing I hear and likely is based on a consumer either buying it online without any education or being sold a product and not knowing exactly how to take the product. 

If you are someone without an ailment you might not find any relief from this product because you have nothing to fix. You might feel an overall general relaxation but it's sort of like taking a Tylenol or Advil without any symptoms to treat. Someone who is taking CBD might think there is a "high" associated but that's not the case at all so they might think it does not work. 

The other part of this problem is there is no specific dosing guideline to taking CBD. Someone might be taking too little or too much and they either are not using enough to get benefit from or using too much and wasting the product making it a very expensive product. Whoever you are buying CBD from should be able to tell you how to take it, suggestions on the first-time usage, and set the expectations of using it consistency every day. 


5) All forms of CBD are the same regardless of how you take it

There are a few ways to take CBD which includes inhalation (vaping it), using oral with a dropper under the tongue, capsules or edibles. The consumption of the product does and can matter because for immediate relief inhalation is actually the quickest but has the shorted half-life meaning you have to use it more. For ongoing chronic therapy, either capsules or oils or edibles give the user a more sustained relief level. 




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