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Can you drive on CBD?


What is CBD?

Before we get into the question of "can you drive on CBD" let's start more basic and give you a general understanding of CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid found from the cannabis plant. CBD is known for it's medical properties. Most people are not aware that cannabis both includes marijuana & hemp. Marijuana is what most people think of and associate THC with. THC being the contributor that gives the "high". Marijuana is typically low in CBD and high in THC. Hemp on the other hand is the reverse and typically much higher in CBD and very low in THC. Both CBD and THC come from plants and their molecular makeup is very similar, however CBD does not give you a " high".

Can I drive after I ingest or take CBD?

I assume this is the part of the article which you really wanted to know about. If you have never taken CBD before and have not read the last paragraph then you should know that CBD will Not give you a high like you might compare to THC. CBD by itself or even with very low dosages of THC (under .03%) will still not give you a "high" . This is not to say there may not be any side effects, which some people do get such as:, a relaxing state, sleepy and lightheaded. Just to reinforce CBD is not harmful. Many people take multiple doses of CBD throughout the day and perform their typical daily activities without any issue. If anything, the CBD should help you get through the day better!

Saying all of that, each person is different and CBD can affect each person differently so use at your own judgement. If you have never tried using CBD before, I would not suggest getting into your vehicle after your first dosage. Just try your CBD a few times while in the comfort of your home and see how it's going to affect you. You can rest assured CBD is a non-psychoactive.  If you have further concerns regarding CBD in general then your first stop should be to your family doctor. They should be the ones giving you health advice and you should be filling them in on why you are looking into using CBD to begin with. 

What does the research say?

In December of 2020 new research came out specifically looking into the effects of CBD and driving. Their conclusion was that CBD alone does not impair driving and did not find any statistically significant differences in the drivers performance when using CBD vs a placebo. 

You can read the study done here. 

Consider your source where you buy your CBD products

I cannot tell you exactly what is in your CBD product if you do not buy it from us directly. All of our CBD products are full spectrum meaning they contain a little goodness from many cannabinoids but none of our products contain nearly enough THC to give you a high. Some CBD oils I have seen that come from dispensaries or weed shops do contain a much higher concentration of THC which in that case will give you a high. Look for a product that gives you full disclosure or a lab testing of what's contained in the product. All of our products contain lab reports so you can see what ingredients are being used and what the lab results say. THAT IS FULL DISCLOSURE! 

It's great that you are doing your research into using CBD and I hope that we can help you further. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have further questions regarding any of our CBD products. Hopefully this helped answer the question "can you drive on CBD". 


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