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CBD Oil For Anxiety Canada

Lets just get this out there right now. Anxiety is not fun at all. If you are reading this you are probably looking to try CBD Oil For Anxiety Canada. Maybe you are fortunate enough to have found CBD already and looking for a new source of CBD in Canada. Regardless if you have tried or not rest assured we are here to help you and we have exactly what you are looking for. We ship directly from Canada to anyone else living in Canada. All our products are top quality, third party lab tested, and exactly what you are paying for you will get.

There are many types of anxiety that people suffer through including but not limited to Generalised anxiety disorder, social anxiety, specific phobias, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive, post-traumatic street disorder. 


Can CBD help with anxiety

Without turning this blog into a full blown book we will go over the basics if you have a limited understanding of CBD in general. CBD works for MANY things (not just anxiety). Lets get this clear as well that CBD is NOT THC. Many people confuse this thinking that CBD is going to get them high or euphoric and it's not. If you have had cbd in the past and it did make you high it might have been because it had THC in it or it was made from marijuana which is high in THC and LOW in CBD. Hemp on the other hand is high in CBD and very low in THC. This is why we have products mainly that CBD is extracted from hemp but also has a little bit of other cannabinoids to give the full spectrum approach. A little THC is good. But not enough to affects you in any way. CBD by itself can actually decrease negative side effects of THC.


In our body we have something called the endocannabinoid system (yes this is a real thing). In the endocannabinoid system there are receptors called CB1 and CB2 all throughout our body which related to different parts of our body as you can see in the below image.

If you are really geeky you can read more in depth on CB1 receptors and cannabinoids here:

When you take CBD (think of it as a supplement) CBD is thought to help ease anxiety by helping the body process serotonin (which is similar to what depression/anxiety medication does). 

Because the use of CBD is so new and there has not been much long study research has been done all the testimonials we have really up to this point are people who are using CBD to treat their anxiety. CBD is not a CURE but it's certainly something that is helping alot of people. Saying that you must realize that because one person finds great relief does not mean the next person does. CBD interacts with everyone differently and until you try it you cannot really take the opinion of someone it did help or someone it did not help. Also when you buy CBD products, unless it's been third party tested and you know exactly what you are buying and properly dosing that might be another reason why it did not work for some other people.

Here are two studies that were done in regards to CBD and anxiety.

-2011 study that looked at people with public speaking phobias and found evidence that CBD may help reduce negative self statements and reduce anxiety.

-A Review analysis of 49 existing studies concluded that CBD could be an excellent way to combat anxiety, panic disorders, and perhaps PTSD. 

If you are reading to this point I am assuming that you are one of the people that has not tried CBD yet for your anxiety related ailment and i encourage you to keep doing your research. Do a google of "cbd for anxiety" and see all the testimonials that come up on people using it currently and for them it helps them. Try to keep a open mind regarding the people who said it did not work because again remember it may not work for anyone.

I myself have struggled with anxiety and I know how hard it is to get through. It's not fun and you look for anything that could possibly help. In my opinion CBD is a great choice to start with or maybe your last option.


What should I buy?

I think a good option for you would to be a oral tincture which you can CLICK HERE to find. A tincture just means that it's a liquid which you would dose orally under your tongue and hold it there for 2 minutes to let it absorb into your blood vessels through your mouth. I like the tincture the best because it's usually very easy to dose and allows you to start with a little bit and work your way up. If you have seen prices of CBD you know it's expensive so don't waste it if you do not have to. The other benefit of the tincture is that you can go up in MG levels or down in MG unlike a capsule which is just a standard dosage.


I hope this has been a benefit to you and I hope you find the relief you need.



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