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CBD Juul Pods & Vape Device

CBD Juul Pods & Vape Device in Canada 

If you prefer vaping as your method of dosing your CBD you will be happy to hear that we have recently brought in vape devices. We have sourced some good quality with a relatively low price point. The best part about these devices is they are compatible with Juul vape pods. CBD Juul Pods are compatible not only with the device we have chosen but you can also use them in your vape device

The OVNS JC01 device we have chosen is a great little device. It will likely last you all day if you bring it out on the road with you and it will provide you empty pods so you can refill it with our Vape Series CBD Eliquid. We will also be carrying the ceramic replacement pods which are CBD Juul Pods and compatible with Juul vape devices. 

The CBD Juul Pods we use are third party made. I think the quality is pretty decent but they will never be as good as OEM Juul pods. Juul puts millions of dollars into research into their pods so please set your expectations accordingly. Juul does not make refillable pods nor do they make ceramic pods either which is why we have to source CBD Juul pods specifically to be used with CBD. 

What is Ceramic and why should I care?

In the vaping world there are two types of coil primarily. You have kanthal wire which is basically a wire that heats up which vaporizers your liquid. The advantage to this is that it heats up quickly and produces pretty consistent vapor and flavor due to cotton that the wire is touching which wicks the e-liquid. The pro to these coils is that they can degrade pretty quickly and if your liquid is too thick or has too many sugars you can get a burning taste pretty quickly. (the image below shows a kanthal wire which is wrapped around by cotton. After time you can see it starts degrading which leads to a unpleasant taste which usually tells the person to change the coil. When used with CBD this often happens even quicker)
CBD Juul compatiable pod


Ceramic coils on the other hand have a different design. They are made with ceramic which improves longevity and protects again issues like oxidation. The increased lifespan of ceramic coils is what makes them great for CBD and also because the ceramic itself heats up this leads to less displeasing tastes when the coil eventually runs the end of it's lifecycle.  With ceramic coils you get less burnt taste from dry hits, no spitsback, improved flavor. In the below image you can see a ceramic coil and how it differs then a kanthanl coil above.


Why would I vape my cbd to begin with?

Great question, I am glad you asked. There are various forms of taking CBD. You have your oil tinctures which you put under your tongue, you have lotion you rub topically, you have gummies and pills which you swallow and then you have inhalation via vaping CBD e-liquid. Each method of taking CBD has different effect times. From the below image you can see that inhalation has the quickest effect time.

cbd juul pods canada

If you have been looking for Juul compatible CBD pods, rest assured we have tried to source some of the easiest to use and most compatible pods/devices availiable on the market.

And yes you can use these compatible Juul cbd pods with your Juul device if you use a Juul in your everyday life. 

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