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CBD in BC, your local source for everything CBD

Looking for CBD in BC? Look no further, we have you covered.

You may have found us from Google or Facebook and maybe someone you know sent you a link over to our website. Regardless how you found us you are here! This post is specifically talking to people looking for CBD OIL In BC (British Columbia, Canada). The only reason I am creating a specific page is because we are actually located in BC so it's sometimes nice to buy from a local source. 

As you can probably tell CBD is becoming a lot more popular as of late. From the chart below regarding statistical data of CBD you can see that 2018 was really a breakout year for people searching for CBD.

It's pretty amazing how a product that no one knew about only a few years ago is really taking the world by storm especially with the lack of long term studies which in my opinion only means that a lot of people are having life changing results to continue the demand. But with the surge in popularity also comes the people looking to take advantage of this very inexperienced industry.

Here at Chilliwack CBD, we made a choice when we started that we would bring in high quality, lab tested and quality products. This is why we teamed up with CBDFX to begin with. Their company has made amazing CBD products and backs up all their products with LAB TESTED results so even YOU the consumer can see. This is what you want out a product that is fairly expensive, CLARITY!

Because we are local to BC and our supply is located in Chilliwack, British Columbia you have the option of Local pickup if you desire. We also do shipping CANADA WIDE via Canada Post.

We offering the following Products:

CBD Oil Tinctures - We have three strengths of CBD Oil Tinctures (which is orally dosed). They come in 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg. They are all Vegan, organically derived hemp, MCT oil included.
CBD Oil Tincture BC

CBD Vape Oil Pens - We offer 30mg disposable vape pens. These vape pens include full spectrum CBD in a convenient prefilled and pre-charged vape pen. You use it and then you toss it once the liquid is gone. They come in 4 great flavors.
CBD Vape Pens BC

CBD Cream - Cream is great for anyone with any skin/muscle issues such as alleviating muscle/join pain. It's good for Arthritis pain, eczema, psoriasis, skin infections, rashes, burns, acute pain, chronic pain
CBD Cream BC

CBD Capsules - If you cannot handle the taste of the CBD Oil tinctures then a capsule might work best for you. Each pill contains 25mg of CBD which also contains the beneficial MCT oil in every pill. This is great for someone needing a higher dosage of CBD and just wants it in a convenient pill.
CBD Pills BC

CBD Gummies - CBD Gummies are very popular for people who want smaller dosages of CBD (10mg is recommended dose to start). These gummies are vegan, all natural, no added sweeteners and they taste really good! 
CBD Gummies BC

CBD For Dogs & Cats - This is the same high quality formula as the human type but made specifically for cats and dogs to ensure no THC is present in It. A human could even use it if they wanted to but they would get more benefit of a full spectrum oil such as the tincture. All our pet formulas are tested to ensure they meet the advertised MG's and also any pesticides/contaminants 
CBD for dogs BC
CBD Vape E-juice(Vape Series) - This is a CBD isolate formula for anyone who wants to vape CBD. This is made with PG/VG which create the vapor and the CBD is also included. We have tons of flavors and varying MG options. This is made by a international e-liquid company so they know how to make amazing flavors and you also get the benefit of your CBD.
CBD Ejuice BC



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