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CBDYOU NanoCBD Isolate Tincture 300mg - CBD Canada

CBDYOU NanoCBD Isolate Tincture 300mg

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CBDYOU 300mg NanoCBD Isolate Oil Tincture

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We are very excited to introduce to you the newest product from CBDYOU. This is the NANO CBD Isolate Oil Tincture which is 100% THC free. This product is also GMO-free and Vegan. The Nano in its name refers to the molecule size of the CBD. The smaller the molecules of CBD the better absorption that takes place in your body. Using any CBD products always leads to the body wasting some product because your body cannot absorb it all. This is called bioavailability. With Nano CBD, the CBD molecules are so much smaller they can increase the body's absorption by 10x the amount vs the normal CBD liquid. The smaller molecules also lead to quicker reaction times meaning you get the relief that much quicker.



What is Nano CBD?
Nanoparticles are a new technology when it comes to CBD and especially new here in Canada. There are not many CBD products in the Canadian market right now which come in this nano format. 18 to 25-nanometer particle size vs 100 to 200 nanometers from other brands.

How do I compare this to a regular tincture?
Because the bioavailability is 10x you can compare this 300mg bottle with a 3000mg in a non-nano format meaning you would take 1/10 of what you would take in non-nano cbd oil.

How much CBD do I dose?
Because this is a nano CBD oil we would suggest taking 1/10 of what you would typically use. 1ml of this solution equals 10mg of nano CBD. IF you have never taken CBD before always start with trace amounts to test for sensitivity (a few drops under the tongue, then swallow). If you have no adverse reactions (most people do not) you can slowly increase your dosage by single drops over days to find the dosage that you find relief from your ailment.

What ailments would this work for?
This will work for anything that normal CBD tinctures work for. Our client would use this for ailments such as:

Does this contain THC?
No, this is 100% THC free which makes it great for athletes

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Supplement Facts:

300mg Nano CBD
0.5ml = 5mg Nano CBD
1.0ml = 10mg Nano CBD

Ingredients: Water, Nano CBD Extract, Coconut Oil, Soy Derived Emulsifier

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