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CBDfx Vape Juice 250mg - Chilliwack CBD Canada
CBDfx Vape Juice 250mg - Chilliwack CBD Canada
CBDfx Vape Juice 250mg - Chilliwack CBD Canada
CBDfx Vape Juice 250mg - Chilliwack CBD Canada
CBDfx Vape Juice 250mg - Chilliwack CBD Canada
CBDfx Vape Juice 250mg - Chilliwack CBD Canada
CBDfx Vape Juice 250mg - Chilliwack CBD Canada

CBDfx Vape Juice 250mg

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CBDfx Vape Juice 250MG

If you are looking for a CBD Vape Juice / Liquid here in Canada you have come to the right place! We use Pure Organic CBD all conveniently put into a vapable liquid. CBD vape juice is not like regular vape juice that smokers use. This juice does NOT contain Nicotine. The CBD we use in this vape juice is a CBD Isolate c02 extracted from organic grown hemp plants grown by the best farmers in Europe. The carrier liquid found in this CBD Vape Juice is : vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and natural flavoring extracts which is industry standard. These are created ISO facilities.

If you are someone looking for not only a great CBD vape juice but also great flavors then this vape series line is for you. The flavors have been crafted from a widely known vape company known for their mouth watering flavors so rest assured it's going to taste amazing! These liquids were desiged to be used with most standard sub-ohm vaping devices and also the recently popular pod systems. Ceramic coils used in pod systems seems to work the best for the smaller units

Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural flavoring, cannabidiol (CBD). PG/VG Ratio is 50/50

Product Details
30mL bottle
Available in 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg
hemp sources from organic farms (no pesticides)
Lab Tested to ensure highest quality & accuracy
Carefully created in a cGMP certified facility
The ratio of PG/VG should work great with whatever you are vaping on. I hope you get a chance to try this CBD vape juice!

Blue Raspberry 250mg Lab Test Results
Fruity Cereal 250mg Lab Test Results
Rainbow Candy 250mg Lab Test Results
Wild Watermelon 250mg Lab Test Results
Strawberry Milk 250mg Lab Test Results
Strawberry Kiwi 250mg Lab Test Results

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Loving it!

Very accurate and specially the product is soo good it works so good and help every pain i have thank you

What a relief!!

Ordered the Straberry Milk in 250mg, and a set of pods for my JC01. Got fantastic customer service (they delivered the product to me as I couldn't make it to the shop to pick it up!!!) AND instruction on how to use the pods (I had never used them before).

I charged up my JC01, filled one of the pods and after waiting the 10 minutes to allow the wick to soak, started vaping. The effect was not immediate (still in pain), but after about a half hour, the pain in my head and back subsided. The desired effect didn't last as long as I was hoping, but that was due to my purchasing a lower concentration than I needed. That was my fault, NOT Chilliwack CBD.

My wife, however, has been using my vape oil as much as I have, and she's been getting immediate relief from back pain. I will be ordering a stronger concentration- and you guys have now TWO loyal customers!!! Thanks again, guys- great job!!!!


The customer experience was wonderful. The site is easy to navigate. I got the watermelon flavor, and although it's not my favorite, the flavor is good and it definitely helps me in the areas I was hoping it would. Will be buying again


Customer service was great, shipping was fine etc. Product was just not that great imo. FYI: I only made this review because I was asked to via email - not even salty

We always appreciate reviews good or bad. I'd be more interested in hearing in more detail why it was not great. Everyone has different experiences with CBD. It works for many people but not all. Ailments can make a difference and everyones experience can be different. None the less thanks for your review :) Hopefully you can try some of our other products in the future to see if you have better success with it.