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CBDYou Pineapple Tincture CBD Isolate 2000mg - CBD Canada

CBDYou Pineapple Tincture CBD Isolate 2000mg

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CBDYOU Pineapple 2000mg CBD Isolate Tincture 

We introduce to you the Pineapple CBD isolate tincture from CBDYou. CBDYou is a Vancouver, BC based company that has a sister company called CBDmove. The CBDYou is geared towards athletes specifically looking for a potent CBD Isolate tincture. That's not to say this won't give you the same potential reliefs from ailments such as sleeping, anxiety, insomnia, autoimmune, etc.

This would be considered a high amount of CBD in a bottle which is great for someone who possibly macro dosages CBD and uses lots in a day or for someone looking for long term value. You can dose this directly in your mouth or add it to your favorite food and beverages.

The sweet & juicy pineapple flavor covers up the natural earthly taste of the coconut oil.

This CBD Isolate Tincture contains 2000mg in a single bottle. There is NO THC in this bottle so this would be perfect for anyone who has drug tests at their place of employment.

This is a CBD isolate product. If you are unfamiliar with the difference between an isolated and full-spectrum you are free to read our article explaining the difference.


Directions: If you are starting to use CBD for the first time it's always advisable to start micro-dosing (a few drops) to begin and test sensitivity. After that point, you can start low and slowly work up in dosage over days/weeks until you find relief from whatever ailment you are trying to get relief from.


  • CBD Isolate
  • Coconut Oil
  • Natural Pineapple Flavors


  • THC Free
  • Vegan
  • GMO Free



 Pineapple 2000mg Lab Test Results Click Here

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