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CBDfx Melatonin Vegan CBD gummies Canada 300mg (60 count) Bottle - Chilliwack Essentials Co
CBDfx Melatonin Vegan CBD gummies Canada 300mg (60 count) Bottle - Chilliwack Essentials Co

CBDfx Melatonin Vegan CBD gummies Canada 300mg (60 count) Bottle

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Are you ready for a better night's sleep leading to feeling refreshed in the morning without a prescription? These CBD Melatonin gummies are made to help you drift off to sleep with ease whether you're battling insomnia or trying to fight off jet lag. Each one of these delicious vegan gummy bears combines organically grown broad-spectrum CBD with the proven sleep-promoting effects of Melatonin. Chamomile, Passionflower extract, Lemon Balm, Magnesium, and a blend of 18 proprietary terpenes come together to help you get the rest you need. These gummies are fully vegan, lovingly made from organically grown hemp, and combined with Melatonin - because we believe you deserve the purest products possible.

THIS PRODUCT IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF These gummies are best suited for someone that is looking for a better night's rest. If you have noticed difficulty falling (or staying) asleep. CBD gummies with Melatonin are perfect for people who want to comfortably and safely drift off to sleep, without relying on dangerous or addictive prescription drugs which can leave you feeling groggy. With 10mg of Cannabinoids and 5mg of Melatonin per serving (2 gummies), these delicious lemon-flavored gummies have an irresistible flavor you'll soon associate with drifting off to sleep and waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!

WHY CBDFX? Our CBD Gummy Bears are the best because they are totally vegan, made with organic ingredients, free of GMOs, and artificial sweeteners. They’re prepared with broad-spectrum CBD, with all of its powerful compounds intact. CBDfx is fully transparent and provides 3rd party lab testing on all of their CBD products.

HOW DO I USE IT? Each bottle contains 60 lemon-flavored CBD gummy bears. Follow label directions. Take 2 gummies about half an hour before you want to fall asleep. Unlike harsh prescription drugs, melatonin gently coaxes the body to sleep using existing biological pathways. In fact, the root of some people's insomnia is often a melatonin imbalance, which this product can directly address.

ANY SIDE EFFECTS? The main side effects of eating these gummies are drowsiness & fatigue, so don't take them unless you're ready to sleep! CBD is non-toxic and safe to ingest even in extremely high amounts (although that is not recommended).  CBD is all-natural and boosts your health without unwanted side effects, including any psychoactive effects. Taking more Melatonin than recommended can result in crankiness, wakefulness (opposite of what you want), anxiety, and headaches in some people. Ingest 2 gummies at a time to test your Melatonin threshold. 


    • Hemp Extract
    • Cannabinoids
    • Melatonin
    • Passion Flower Extract
    • Chamomile Extract
    • Lemon Balm Extract
    • Magnesium
    • Proprietary Terpene Blend
    • Organic Tapioca Syrup
    • Organic Cane Sugar
    • Purified Water
    • Pectin
    • Tri Sodium Citrate
    • Citric Acid
    • Natural Color & Flavors

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    Awesome Alexandre!!! So happy to hear that! If you have time to review us as a business I'd greatly appreciate it. Review us on google here:
    Can't tell a difference
    Hey Janice, Thanks for your review (good or bad) we always want to ensure people are given transparency. I am sorry you do not like the texture. CBDfx has gone through a few different recipe changes over the years. Not sure why but it's like anything else some people like and some people do not. IF your looking for a gummi bear try the cbdmove gummies.
    Amazing gummies
    Works well