CBD Move CBD Isolate Capsules - CBD Canada
CBD Move CBD Isolate Capsules - CBD Canada

CBD Move CBD Isolate Capsules

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CBD Move CBD Isolate Capsules Canada (20 capsules x 50mg each)

We are happy to have a partner that creates some great CBD products here in Canada. Even better they are local to us and located in Vancouver British Columbia. CBD move's founder started his company out of a mountain biking injury. His injuries very painful and his therapy was no better. His father was a advocate for lifestyle and natural remedies and suggested he take some CBD to relief some of the pain and hurry the healing process. The effects he noticed were great and within no time he was back on his bike. He started using CBD more regularly and recommending it to his friends and family that had a plethora of other ailments. Once he realized this was a opportunity and he could bring safe and organic method of healing he jumped in with both feet.

When we look at the different dosing options for CBD products we know that many people prefer a edible or capsule form. They may find it easier then taking CBD OIL or they simply want it to be discreet as possible. With our CBD capsules you will be able to take them with you on the go anywhere.

These CBD Capsules are made to be vegan, THC free, and priced affordably. 

Does this contain THC?
The CBD used in this product is CBD isolate meaning it does not contain any other cannabinoids such as THC. The CBD is extracted away from all the other plant matter leaving only the CBD behind. None of the products on this website (chilliwackcbd.ca) would contain nearly enough THC to give an intoxicating effect but we wanted to ensure we had a tincture completely THC free for anyone wanting it.

Who would these be ideal for?
This container contains 20 capsules at 50mg of cbd isolate each. This would be a fairly high dosage and good for someone who knows the amount of CBD they need to help with their ailment. Because these are press capsules you do have the possibility of opening them up and adding them to food/drinks/etc. 

Possible reasons why someone would use these:
-Pain relief
-Anxiety and stress relief
-Anti-inflammatory properties
-Promotes sleep (sleep aid)
-Mental focus and clarity
-Auto immune diseases
-Muscle recovery
-General wellbeing and maintain homeostasis
-The list goes on

Each capsule contains 50mg of CBD Isolate so typically you would take 1 to 2 per day depending how concentrated you need your CBD. If you have not used CBD before this may not be the best product for you.  We have other CBD Capsules here.


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