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CBDfx Gummies Canada 40mg (8 count) Pack - CBD Canada

CBDfx Gummies Canada 40mg (8 count) Pack

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CBD Gummies Canada


Introducing our CBDFX CBD Gummies 8 pack pouch! This is a great product to buy if you are curious about CBD Gummies in general. This is more of a sample pack that gives you the ability to test the effectiveness. The typical dosage of CBD gummies is 2 gummies which equals about 10mg. 

This product is great for you if you want the ability to moderate your dosage of CBD. The pouch is a convenient way to store them at home or at work or keep them with you during your daily travels!

 Our CBDfx CBD Gummies are great for anyone looking for a sweet snack and give a great fruit flavour. They are made to the highest standard and do not use animal gelatins and are all-natural which is great for anyone who is sensitive to sweets including children. The CBD we use comes from organically grown hemp from the best farms in Europe. Organically grown is something that should be very high on the consideration side of things because organically grown means that it does not have toxic residues and harmful chemicals. All of our CBD Gummies are also vegan and made without artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours, corn syrup. These are not CBD isolate, they are made from full-spectrum CBD which means they deliver all of the powerful benefits of multiple cannabinoids.

Recommended dosage: If this is your first time trying CBD Gummies or any cbd for that fact it's great to start low and work your way up. The typical dosage is 10mg which is 2 CBD gummies. You are more than able to take more or less if you need it. 10MG is a fairly low dosage. When you look at our 15000mg CBD oil tincture a single service dropper contains about 50mg.

What are the side effects? There are typically no to very little side effects. Some people have expressed some lightheadedness or drowsiness but for the most part, there are no side effects. These are NOT psychoactive and will not give you a "high" feeling.



    • There are 8 CBD gummies in this pouch and each CBD gummies contains 5mg of CBD
    • The hemp is 100% organically grown full spectrum CBD
    • They are in fact 100% Vegan!

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