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Purest CBD oil in Canada?

When I do research into what people are typing into google when they are looking for anything related to CBD oil I try to come up with blog posts that answer that questions. One of the recent searches I saw was asking "purest cbd oil in canada". I thought for myself about that questions and exactly what the end consumer was trying to figure out.

Everyone is different, and everyone has a different understanding of CBD. I suppose i was wondering what they meant by purest. Are they asking about the CBD itself directly or are they asking about the carrier liquid?

CBD right now in Canada is in a gray area. It's not exactly legal but it's not illegal as well. With the legalization of Cannabis CBD fell through some of the cracks and it does not appear we will see all the answers until Oct 2019 when ediables are supposed to be legalized. Until that point CBD falls into a group of unrelated products where you are not sure exactly what you are getting.

When I first started trying to figure out what brand I wanted to bring into CANADA i wanted to make sure it was the purest and top quality i could. I did not mind if my products were a little more expensive because i knew in the end the consumer would do their own research (just like you are reading this). The only real way to know if your CBD is the purest is by buying a product that spends money and does the third party testing. All our products (CBDFX) undergoes third party testing's for purity and even goes far as to pesticide testing. I believe in quality and i believe that a products should give you exactly what you are paying for. Rest assured any product you are buying from us is the purest available and has the documentation to back up those claims.


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