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Hemp 4 Paws vs our CBDFX Pet Series

Hemp 4 Paws VS CBDFX Pet Series

Hemp 4 Paws is a Pet CBD product that has been around and created in British Columbia, Canada. CBDfx Pet Series is a very similar product that has been created for our animal family.

The difference between Hemp 4 Paws which is created here in Canada and CBDfx Pet series is the type of CBD used in both brands. Hemp 4 Paws uses CBD isolate in their Pet formulation while CBDfx goes a step further and uses Broad Spectrum CBD. If you have done any amount of research into CBD isolate vs Broad or Full Spectrum you will notice there is a difference. 

CBD Isolate is basically pure CBD which excludes THC and any other beneficial cannabinoids. Broad or Full spectrum CBD contains CBD but also all the other plant matter and all the other beneficial cannabinoids. It's said when the full plant matter is used it encourages all the cannabinoids to work together (not just CBD) in something called the entourage effect.

There are some pet owners who prefer CBD Isolate by itself or others like a Full or Broad Spectrum CBD to reap the additional benefits of the whole plant matter.

CBDFX Pet Series gives you full clarity and full reporting of all the third-party lab tests which includes the certificate of analysis & pesticide screening analysis.
You can view a real example of the medium breed report HERE

cbd for pets reportcbd 4 paws vs cbdfx pet series


CBDFX For Pets
-100% Natural and organic easy-to-use formula
-Made with high quality and organic ingredients
-The pet oil is made with co2 extracted CBD and is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids and fatty acids
-no fillers



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