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Full Spectrum CBD Oil Canada

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Canada

You might have found this page because you were doing a quick google search for "full spectrum cbd oil canada" or maybe you were on our website already and just clicked on that link. No matter how you got here we are going to tell you the differeence between full spectrum cbd oil in Canada vs CBD Isolate.

Before going too far into the article I just wanted to let you know that most of the products we offer on our shop are full spectrum CBD oil and yes we do ship Canada wide and offer local pickup. The only thing we offer in CBD isolate currently is our vape series liquid. All of our products are organically grown from hemp plants in europe and all have gone through very in depth third party lab testing. This is the best quality CBD you will find on the market and you will know you are getting accurate results. Without products being third party lab tested you really do not know what is in your product and if it's accurately described. If you are paying the kind of money you are for CBD products you want assurances. 

CBD Isolate VS Full Spectrum

As you can tell already, full spectrum includes all the different cannabinoids in the plant itself. CBD is just one of those cannabinoids but there are others including THC, CBN, CBD, CBG and so on. You might have just seen those abbreviations and pointed out THC but rest assured there are no high doses of it in our liquids. THC is the cannabinoid that gives users the "high" when they take marijuana. Cannabis refers to both the hemp plant and the marijuana plant. The marijuana plant contains both CBD and THC but is known for high doses of THC and low doses of CBD. Hemp on the other hand has HIGH concentrations of CBD and low concentrations of THC. 

From the below chart you can see all the benefits of each cannabinoid, CBD being the biggest benefit for many ailments. 

Full spectrum cbd canada

Full Spectrum

Cannabis is a very complex plant. Remember when we describe cannabis we are not only talking about marijuana but we are also talking about hemp. Both of those plants are cannabis. None of our products are derived from marijuana they are all derived from the hemp plant. The cannabis plant contains over 100 active cannabinoids aside from CBD. CBD Is just one of those cannabinoids.  Terpenes are another benefit in full spectrum with it's own set of benefits. Terpenes are basically the smell of the plant. All plants contain terpenes but again it comes with it's own list of benefits. When you dose yourself with a full spectrum it "usually" offers much more benefits from the isolated CBD because of what we call the "entourage effect". The entourage effect is the proposed mechanism by which all the compounds (cannabinoids, terpenes, etc) work in synergy together to give a overall better benefit and effect. Look at the above wheel again. You can see all the benefits of the different cannabinoids (not even taking into consideration the terpenes). If you isolated the CBD alone you would lose the benefits of everything else.


CBD Isolate

As you can probably guess not the CBD isolate is basically isoalting the cbd from anything else. This means when you take a product made with CBD isolate you are getting 99.9 percent CBD alone. No other cannabinoids exist in that product. There are some people that prefer this and get the full benefits of the CBD without being exposed to anything else for whatever there reasons are.  Although cbd isolate is a more concentrated form of cannabidiols, this does not overly mean it has a greater effect. To this point more research really needs to be done as all the questions have yet to be answered. If you want a product that ensures you have 0% thc or any other cannabinoids for that matter then CBD isolate is the way to go. If you get relief from whatever ailment you are trying to battle and CBD isolate works then perfect, that's for you. Typically CBD isolate is a bit cheaper then full spectrum cbd in Canada. 


Full spectrum CBD Oil in Canada?

We have a range of products including full spectrum CBD oil in Canada but not limited to just that. 

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures
You can find full spectrum cbd oil by clicking the link above. CBD oil usually refers to tinctures which is a oral drop you would put under your tongue and it absorbs through the blood vessels in your mouth.
full spectrum cbd oil in canada


Full Spectrum CBD Gummies in Canada
We have full spectrum cbd gummies. They come in the original gummie flavor and also we have a "green" flavor which includes turmeric & Spirulina. The original flavor is 100% vegan.

full spectrum cbd gummies in canada


Full spectrum CBD Capsules/Pills in Canada
There are some people who prefer Full spectrum CBD in capsule/pill form and we have those as well
full spectrum cbd pills/capsules

Full spectrum CBD Topicals (lotion)
Some people have ailments such as psorisis, arthritis, join paint, muscle pain, other topical needs. We have a full spectrum CBD topical which is the best method for topical applications. 

full spectrum CBD topical

Full spectrum CBD For Dogs/Cats
This is a special Full spectrum that does not include THC. It's used for our dogs and cats. Dogs specifically are sensitive to THC which is why this is specially formulated without THC. (We have lab tests to back that up). Pets have a endocannabinoid system along with humans which is why it also works for them as beneficially it works for us. Anxiety in animals Is the number one reason people use this for their pets. 

full spectrum cbd for dogs

Full spectrum CBD Vape Pens in canada (disposable)
Want something handy for on the go, these are some of our most popular pens. They come in a 30mg or a 50mg full spectrum. The 50mg series includes added terpenes!
Full spectrum CBD vape pens

CBD Isolate Vape eliquid / ejuice
This is our only product that does not contain full spectrum CBD. This is CBD isolate (remember our conversation above). These are great for anyone not wanting any other cannabinoids in their product. These are great if you vape your CBD liquid. We do have vape hardware you can purchase to use with these liquids which are also compatible cbd juul pods

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