How do we ship CBD to customers Canada wide

How do we ship our CBD to customers Canada wide. 

In today's age online e-commerce is beginning to be the typical way we as Canadians buy our goods. Look at amazon and how big they have got over the last ten years. They started out selling books and now they sell everything under the sun. EMarketer estimated retail ecommerce sales in Canada climbed by nearly 30% in 2017, that's a massive increate in any industry.

ChilliwackCBD's main target audience is not our own local city but Canada wide. While we do allow local customers to pickup goods that does not make up the bulk of our sales. We take shipping our CBD Canada wide very seriously. That's why you will see every shipment packaged very securely so not damage will come to your product. Every shipment we send out we take a picture of to ensure that there are no mistakes when our customers receive our parcel. This keeps us accountable to ensuring you get exactly what you ordered. 

Because of the nature of the industry we also ship all our products with age restrictions. This means when you receive your parcel you will have to be at the legal age to buy hemp products to accept the parcel. This ensures we are not sending product to or no one receives our product is under the legal age for hemp/cannabis products. 

We use Canada Post as our main courier which serves us well because of their tracking ability and ability to ask for ID at the time you receive your product.

To date we have shipped to every province Canada wide and our customers receive our CBD products everywhere including Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and everywhere in the middle. 

Rest assured we take great pride in how fast we can get a product out the door by the time you place your order. 

We thank everyone for their time and looking forward to continue shipping our CBD Canada wide!


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