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New Arrival! CBD Bath Bombs !


cbd bath bomb canada


We are very excited to announce our line of CBD bath bombs now available in Canada. We have partnered with someone that does smaller batches and has allowed us to label them ourselves. Each CBD Bath bomb will contain 50mg of CBD ISOLATE. 


Bath bombs have become pretty popular in the last few years and with the addition of CBD, they will be a huge benefit for lots of people who need CBD for topical use.

Benefits of CBD bath bombs

The CBD bath bombs benefit you at a topical level just like a cream or a lotion. Our CBD balm, for example, has 150mg in a whole container and our CBD bath bombs have 50MG per bath bomb!

Some people find relief in the following areas

-Muscle aches and pains
-Arthritis pain
-cramps and muscle spasm relief
-Skincare such as wrinkle reduction, antioxidant effects, eczema treatment


Variations of our CBD bath bombs we offer!

Happily Berried - This fun, the fruity blend includes all your favourites. Notes of blueberries, cherries, oranges, pineapple and passion fruit

Living the Chai Life - A heavenly blend of chai tea spices in a creamy vanilla latte with a touch of honey and cinnamon.

Mint Condition - This clean fragrance combines herbal mint and fresh-cut garden cucumber to create a rejuvenating experience


Directions: Fill up your bath with the desired level of water. Drop one of our bath bombs in and watch the magic! Then get into your bath and let yourself soak for 20-30 minutes.

Our CBD Bath Bombs are small batch made in CANADA.



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