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Can you be sure what's in your CBD products?

The CBD market is starting to get saturated with products. They are popping up everywhere but have you given any thought to ensure the correct amounts of CBD are actually in your products you buy? Without third party lab tests with results you really have no idea. There is a black market for CBD products and this raises a concern with us because of the fact anyone can make these products and claim there is CBD or the RIGHT amount of cbd but without verification you simply do not know.


This is one of the many reasons we have chosen CBDFX for our first product line. All products are third party lab tested. Going even further CBDFX products have been spot checked by Remedy Review and got their SEAL of approval after they did their own lab tests.

CBD test CAnada

To view the whole review of remedy review's findings you can go to their website where they go into more detail.


At Chilliwack CBD we are always wanting to be transparent as possible about our products. We may not have the cheapest products compared to homemade brands but you can be assured you are getting exactly what you pay for made in a clean commercial facility.

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